How we work together.

Creating your personal marketing documents is a collaborative endeavor. You will have unlimited access to me throughout the process to ensure an end product greater than the sum of its parts. Call or email me anytime during the day, after hours, on weekends, or on holidays. I am always available to answer questions or to discuss any phase of your project.

Let’s talk.

Contact me to schedule a free personal consultation. This conversation will enable us to get acquainted, explore your current situation, identify your needs, and learn if we are a good fit to work together. Email to: Phone: 520-246-0066

Step 1: Resume Evaluation.Provide your existing resume (if available) for a free review. I will respond with a detailed, courteous analysis of each element of your document with recommendations for converting it to a more powerful presentation that will rapidly drive your career forward. To ensure your understanding of the direction we will take while preparing your career documents, I will call you to discuss the review. I want you to be totally comfortable with the process.

Step 2: Select the package most appropriate for you. and place your order. Call or email if you need help making the selection.

Step 3: Information gathering. Some resume writers conduct personal interviews to assemble the information needed to build your resume. Others use worksheets. I do both.

I respect your time and will not ask you to sit for a lengthy initial interview. You will be furnished with a written Client Intake document professionally designed to capture the basics of your background. You can enter this information at a time of your choosing, allowing you to give adequate thought and detail to each item in the comfort of your home or office.

This will be followed by a detailed consultation with me to explore your career aspirations, discover important career achievements, clarify your unique skills, and plan the most effective path to create a super-compelling personal marketing portfolio.

Step 4: Design and Composition. Based on the information obtained in Step 3, drafts of your documents will be created and sent for your review. Following your feedback, documents will be finalized. I will work with you through unlimited edits to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the result.

Your career documents will be customized to uniquely brand you as a driver of success who will deliver the results employers expect. Your experience and career accomplishments will be showcased in a style that will prompt hiring managers to visualize you performing in a similar way for them.

Let’s get started!