Value Based Resumes

Your work experience resume must generate immediate interest and communicate your unique value to prospective employers. If it resembles 99% of resumes submitted to hiring organizations, you will not get to first base, let alone get you hired.

The Execupro Resume is NOT your cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill, chronological obituary that fails to seize the attention of employers. If you need a standard template resume, look elsewhere. I deliver much more!

Your Execupro Resume will be specifically targeted to your preferred position and will speak persuasively to the requirements of that position. One-size-fits-all resumes do not work. In fact, if you are focusing on more than one opportunity, you will need a customized resume for each.

Does you resume contain these four critical elements?


Value Statement

A strong headline and branding statement that defines your unique strengths related to your targeted position


Keyword content

Keywords qualify your resume for consideration before it is seen by human eyes. Smart selection and placement of keywords will rank your resume high in Applicant Tracking Systems.


Well Organized Format.

Your resume should not be a difficult chore to read. It should be visually attractive, properly structured, and easy to follow with compelling language. This is vital for all resumes but especially so for senior executive resumes.


Quantifiable Accomplishments.

These describe the results of projects and initiatives you have undertaken so that employers will envision you performing in a similar way for them. A custom resume writing service will include this vital element.

I create truly exceptional resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, reference portfolios, and personal biographies that go the extra mile to provide my clients with the tools necessary to boost their careers.

Your Execupro Resume will:

  • Be sales-focused, jargon-free, and accomplishment-rich.
  • Describe the value you offer.
  • Provide solutions that contribute to your career advancement, peace of mind, and standard of living you deserve.

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Resume Evaluation

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Information Gathering

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Resume Preparation

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